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Cracks and Conflict: “But it is Just a Little Crack”

It started as just a little crack in the windshield. A tiny rock had caused it. You had lots of time to do something about it, and maybe you would not have to get it fixed. It was not impairing your ability to see and likely it was not going to get any bigger.

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Then one day, you noticed the tiny crack was beginning to grow tentacles and spread. Within a short period of time the crack had spread across your windshield. You did not have time to go to the repair shop to get it fixed. You could still see around it. It took some effort, but it was doable.

A month later when the weather turned bitter cold and the wind picked up its intensity, your entire windshield filled with cracks, making it impossible to drive.

Cracks and Conflict

We asked Mel, our neighbourhood mechanic, “Mel when is the best time to deal with a crack in the windshield?”

He said…

  1. Deal with it immediately while it is small and barely visible. It will be less costly and easier to fix than if you let it get worse.
  2. While the crack is small, we have many options for repair that do not include replacing your whole windshield. The repair is faster now than it will be if we have to replace the windshield.
  3. Do not fool yourself – it will get worse if you do not attend to it.
  4. If you find yourself, looking around the crack so you can see the road, it is seriously time to fix the crack instead of finding workarounds.
  5. Fixing that crack is not just about you, it is also about everyone else who rides in your vehicle and everyone else on the road. Your lack of attention to the crack can create safety risks for others, so just address the crack.

As our treasured reader, we want you to take all five of Mel’s comments and apply them to resolving conflict. They all apply.