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A Taste of Our Team

Our Consultants

Raj Dhasi, M.A., B.A., C.R.C | Raj is our lead consultant and your first point of contact at Turning Point Resolutions Inc. As a leading expert in conflict resolution, Raj has been providing invaluable intervention services to workplace organizations, school districts, families, and communities for over 15 years. Raj specializes in assessing and resolving complex multi-layer conflict situations. She brings a toolbox full of intervention approaches including mediation, leadership and communication coaching, group facilitation, training and restorative justice processes. In addition to working in private practice, Raj is also a faculty member at the Justice Institute of B.C., Centre for Conflict Resolution. Raj holds a specialized degree in Adult Education, a Master’s degree in Organizational Conflict Analysis and Management, is currently completing her Doctorate in Social Sciences. As a skilled practitioner Raj brings a blend of empathy, spirit, and strategic thinking to each and every client.


Niki Kux-Kardos, , M.A., CEC, B.Comm | Raised in a family business, Niki brings a unique understanding of the necessary blend between business and relationships for organisational success. For over 13 years, Niki has served private family enterprise, non-profit organisations, municipal and federal government, individuals, teams and whole organisations with passion and purpose. As an internal conflict management practitioner with the RCMP, she provided conflict coaching, mediation, facilitation, work place assessments, restorative process, workshops and training to hundreds of people across British Columbia. As a caring and competent certified executive coach, Niki specialises in authentic leadership and values-based conflict management. Known for her energetic, practical and engaging approach, Niki invites self-awareness and development with supportive candour and clarity. As coach faculty for the Justice Institute of B.C. and Royal Roads University, Niki is also a member of the Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research and the International Coach Federation.


Kelly Henderson, BSN, M.Ed (CNPS) MAL, CRCP | With over 40 years of experience, Kelly is a decisive and resourceful conflict management practitioner with expertise in leadership development, strategic planning, and human resources. Kelly brings a high calibre of collaborative skills to facilitate cohesive working environments. Her vast knowledge of healthcare management and education along with her quality service make her one of our experts in all aspects of conflict resolution. Kelly shares her expertise through her work at BCIT, Vancouver Community College, and the Justice Institute of B.C. Kelly inspires while she helps you achieve your goals.


Mario Govorchin, B.A., C.R.C | Mario’s 25 years of experience as a conflict management practitioner make him one of our most sought after experts. As a dynamic interventionist, exceptional communication and leadership coach, and an engaging trainer, Mario spends his time working across the country in high conflict situations. Mario is well-known and recognized for his comprehensive work in the areas of high anger, crisis and violence management, and harassment prevention in corporate, government and non-profit organizations. Mario specializes in mediation, coaching, and training with the intention of using conflict as a growth opportunity. He supports individuals ranging from CEOs to frontline staff, and groups of all sizes to step into difficult interactions with ease and expertise.


Apjit Sidhu, B.A., FMC Cert. | Apjit brings a passion and skill to providing risk management assessments, conflict coaching, mediation, and training services. Apjit has provided services to youth, families, non-for profit organizations, corporations, school districts and individuals involved in the criminal justice system. Her unique blend of experience coupled with her academic background, allow her to go the extra step with our clients by providing information about family law, interpreting legislation and policies, screening for power imbalances, diffusing intense emotion, and creating formal agreements for resolution. Her empathetic, organized, and detail focused approach supports our clients to move from chaos to clarity.


Aaron Lyons, M.A., B.A., C.C.E.D | Aaron has actively worked in the fields of mediation, conflict transformation and restorative justice in New Zealand, the United States, and across Canada. Aaron provides training and mediation services to school districts, families, workplace organizations and within legal (court and prison) settings. Aaron has studied with the likes of Dr. Howard Zehr and practiced Family Group Conferencing within the world's first such systematized program in New Zealand. Aaron is a published author with ACResolution magazine. His zest and passion make him a natural for any conflict related work.

Aaron Lyons

Plus, over 20 other professional Coaches, Therapists, Trainers, Mediators, and Simulation Specialists ready to serve you. 

Our Support Team

Manéh Rostomyan, B.A. | With speed and accuracy Manéh skillfully brings together administrative support with an efficient and kind touch. Manéh’s focus on details, client needs, and team organization ensures the business runs seamlessly and the focus remains on client care. Manéh holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Law and Society. She has been involved in various research projects in the field of Happiness Psychology, Social Psychology, Emotional and Cognition Studies, LGBTQIA2S+. Given her desire to help others, along with her recognition that in conflict resolution everything is confidential and time-sensitive, she is TPR’s ideal Lead Administrative Assistant.


From the moment you enter our office, our admin team works diligently to ensure you have a positive and comfortable experience. They greet you with a smile, get you into your meeting quickly and efficiently (because they know your time is valuable), and work to ensure you are well attended to.

Erin Frahill

Reyhaneh Wiebe