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My daily practice in leadership have been positively influenced by the support I have received from Turning Point Resolutions. The professional development, practical training and general advice around understanding and unpacking conflict have been outstanding. From resolving conflict, cultural scans, and surveying parent groups to building capacity towards restorative action- TPR represents the best of evidence based practice.

Catherine Sereda, Assistant Superintendent
Surrey Schools

Turning Point Resolutions is not just another consulting company. It is a company that delivers on its expertise, service, character and merit.

Jeff Willis, Owner
Creative Toolbox Consulting Inc., International

TPR’s two-day online training workshop lent our School District much needed tools in dealing with difficult scenarios that arise in our workplaces. Even though the training was done virtually, it felt inclusive and a safe place to explore difficult topics. Experiences with conflict and stress are personal and situational and from a distance, TPR did an excellent job ensuring the sessions were reflective of our workplaces as well as our individual and group needs.

Harjinder Minhas, Assistant Superintendent
School District 27

When I started professional coaching with TPR, I was told that one day I would easily be able to stand back, focus on what was going on with me and the other person, and respond rationally in challenging situations. At the time, I was struggling with the effects of being overly stressed and immersed in numerous conflicts and I couldn't even imagine that possibility. With compassion, TPR provided me with the tools to effectively manage stress and respond to conflict rather than react impulsively. The more I use these tools the more natural my responses are and the stronger my relationships have become.

Cynthia B., Special Education Teacher
Newberg, Oregon

One of the best, most practical workshops I have ever attended.

Ward B., Legal Council
Department of Justice

Ms. Dhasi is a highly skilled and incredibly motivated expert in conflict “prevention” and management. She provides yearly invaluable interactive sessions to physicians who train in medicine abroad and enter a residency program in Canada. The presenter and the delivery go well above the expectations and the participants provide top ratings!

Dr. Alfredo Tura,IMG Lead Faculty and Site Director
UBC Family Practice Residency Program

Turning Point Resolutions” has supported a variety of projects, professional development and facilitated challenging conversations with staff in our school district over the past 10 years. The professionalism, artful work and coaching modelled by the facilitators to get to the root of a situation or issue has been appreciated and one in which rich learning has always taken place. Whether providing professional learning for our management staff or working with groups of staff on specific conflicts or issues, TPR moves the group forward in their work with clarity and compassion. It is a common phrase within our district when working with a challenging or difficult situation, “what would Raj say?”

Gillian Wilson, Assistant Superintendent
School District 69 (Qualicum)

“We contacted TPR to help us through some organizational upheaval. We were going through a traumatic time that really divided people and emotions were high. With a calm, caring approach TPR was instrumental in helping bring people together and effecting a change of culture in our office. “

Veronica Brown, Executive Director
Legion BC/Yukon Command

We engaged Turning Point at a very challenging time in our organization’s journey. From our first conversation to our final session, we knew we were in good hands. The hallmarks of Turning Point’s engagement with us were fearless integrity, compassion, professionalism and agility. In making our way through these very uncertain times, we are discovering reserves of trust, honesty and resilience that we would not have imagined prior to our work with Turning Point.

Thom Armstrong, Chief Executive Officer
Co-operative Housing Federation of BC

JIBC employed the services of Turning Point and specifically Raj Dhasi, to facilitate a discussion with our senior management team pertaining to implementing flexible work arrangements for our employees. Many of the members from our senior management team have teaching backgrounds so their expectations of facilitators are very high. Raj exceeded their expectations. She was very effective in helping the group develop a set of Guiding Principles which acted as our compass when we commenced developing our plan to implement flexible work arrangements.

Jon Marks, Vice President of Human Resources
Justice Institute of BC

We were extremely fortunate to have engaged TPR to assist in resolving a workplace conflict challenge. Our initial discussions with Raj Dhasi helped us quickly identify the most critical high-level issues that needed addressing. Our subsequent work with their coaches and counsellors was instrumental in establishing clear developmental goals for the parties. At every stage in the process including assessment, mediation and coaching, we found TPR compassionate, firm and honest to the core. They stayed true to their word, and did not make promises they couldn’t keep.

P.B. Subbiah, Director of Human Resources and Administration
Pacific Basin Shipping LTD., Hong Kong

We had the pleasure of working with Turning Point Resolutions for workplace leadership training. Turning Point Resolutions was professional and on-point with their individualized training for our organization’s needs, which allowed us to immediately feel at ease throughout the collaboration. The training sessions they provided along with one-to-one coaching follow-ups were seamless and gave us the tools to continue to practice the lessons learned. Three years after working with Raj and her team, we still see the impact of the training provided. Our leadership team has the tools to navigate through challenging situations more effortlessly. We wouldn’t hesitate to collaborate with them again.

Claire Moore, Human Resources Coordinator
Phyton Biotech

In any organization there are times of smooth sailing and times of rough seas. Whether it is climate assessments, training, or coaching individuals and teams, when the seas have been rough, TPR has provided our school district with a range of opportunities to focus on our people in ways that we could not do alone. TPR has been an important partner in supporting healthy cultures across our district. They have helped us learn and grow along the way.

Jordan Tinney, Superintendent
Surrey Schools

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