There are times when large groups require a process that allows all parties to come together and sort out their differences. When entire departments, organizations, or extended families find themselves collectively in a difficult situation, our consultants can assist by designing and leading large group sessions that are inclusive of all parties. Facilitated sessions allow the parties to communicate with one another while problem solving their issues, setting guidelines for future interactions, and engaging in strategic planning.

Our consultants design the process with care. They strategically attend to the emotions in the room so that participants remain focused on resolving the issues and designing outcomes that are meaningful, realistic, and lasting.  Our goal is to provide a fair and balanced process to allow genuine dialogue and planning to occur.

The process of facilitation is a flexible process tailored to meet the unique needs of each group. Key steps include: the group setting guidelines for communication during the session, a clear defining of the issues that need to be sorted out, and a combination of small and large group work to achieve resolution.

The benefits of facilitation include the opportunity for everyone to have a voice in naming the issues and achieving resolution, thus increasing commitment to follow through with the agreements. Facilitation is also an efficient and effective way to move a large group forward in a cohesive manner with an agreed upon plan.  Relationships are often solidified and greater understanding is achieved. The financial costs are minimal and the rewards are long lasting.

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