Our meditation services are available virtually and in person.

When conflict escalates and emotions take over, it becomes challenging for the parties involved to engage in meaningful dialogue with one another. Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process that supports two or more individuals to identify and reconcile differences, thus arriving at concrete agreements. Our trained and professional mediators work as objective neutral third parties assisting in the negotiation of differences. This assistance includes preparing the parties to speak with one another, managing the emotional dynamics during mediation, and ensuring a fair and effective process that gets to the real issues at hand.

Mediation is a structured step-by step process that works well for family, workplace, and community matters. Amongst its many benefits, mediation is a process that is time efficient and therefore less costly than moving through legal channels. Mediation gives voice directly to the involved parties, thus giving them control over the resolution while also providing them with a buffer of support and reality checking. Results yielded from mediation are reported by participants as meaningful to them, realistic, and lasting with a high level of compliance. Furthermore, mediation processes are confidential and private.

Mediation is also a flexible process for those difficult situations where face-to-face meetings are not possible due to the intensity of the situation. In these cases, our mediators assist in the resolution of differences by moving between the parties and assisting them to create an agreement that allows them to move forward from the conflict at hand. This allows participants to have added comfort while still resolving the situation.

When And Why To Use An External Mediator

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