Our assessment services are available virtually and in person.

When conflict becomes entrenched, unrelenting, and gaining in momentum regardless of interventions aimed at resolution, it becomes essential to asses the root cause(s) of the difficulty and treat it. Akin to seeing a medical practitioner – we rarely look to treat just the symptoms but we typically want to know the cause of our symptoms and how to prevent it in the future.

Situation assessments include the gathering of essential information and feedback, an analysis of the findings and a range of custom designed recommendations to rectify the situation. This blueprint provides clients with a summary of the issues needing attention and custom designed approaches to resolve the causal and emergent issues.

Situational assessments for resolving conflict are successful in creating sustainable and lasting change in a range of organizations. These processes target the real issues and focus on recommendations that are relevant, practical and achievable. The guesswork is taken out of the picture and replaced with concrete next steps to rectify, resolve and shift the organization to a healthier dynamic with renewed focus on achieving better results for the organization.

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