Our coaching services are available virtually and in person.

Personalized Individual Coaching

Large group training can provide us with great insights in effective leadership skills, conflict resolution strategies, and communication approaches, however, group training is not ideal for everyone. Many individuals report greater success and integration from personalized individual support in a private setting. One-to-one coaching allows you to analyze your leadership, conflict resolution, and communication approaches in a confidential and highly supportive environment without peering eyes.

We provide in person, on the telephone and web based leadership, conflict resolution and communication coaching. We build strong relationships with our clients and provide clear, direct and digestible feedback to help individuals create change in their personal and professional lives.

We custom design coaching processes with each client to ensure all areas of need are addressed and in a manner that fits best for the client. Leadership, conflict resolution and communication coaching processes can include:

  • Shadowing (direct observation by the coach)
  • Data collection to determine strengths and gaps
  • Communication and awareness building exercises
  • Opportunities to practice newly acquired strategies in real life simulations with recorded analysis
  • Concrete in-the moment feedback
  • Dissection of difficult situations; and
  • Growth measurement

Building a Coaching Culture

Organizations are increasingly moving towards coaching cultures that allows individuals within the organization to reach their peak performance with the support of in-house coaches. TPR assists organizations to design and implement behavioural coaching programs that save money, increase performance, and build internal capacity.

Through this specialized approach, organizations are supported to:

  • Understand behavioural coaching and how it differs from mentoring and other forms of coaching
  • Assess the genuine commitment of the senior team to shift to a coaching culture
  • Choose appropriate employees to train as coaches
  • Train appropriate employees in nuanced, skilled, and focused approaches to behavioural coaching
  • Choose appropriate employees to partake in coaching as coachees
  • Determine the length of the coaching process from start to finish
  • Measure the success of shifting to a coaching culture
  • Decide how to use the emerging themes from coaching to benefit the organization

From start to finish, we develop coaching programs that support organizations to develop internal reliance, develop highly competent coaches, and ensure a culture of comfort with coaching approaches.

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