11 Ways to Deal With a Workplace Cyberbully

Article originally posted at https://www.verywellmind.com/ways-to-deal-with-workplace-cyberbully-460547 and written by Sherri Gordon. Most people consider cyberbullying a teenage issue, but the workplace is not immune to cyberbullying. In fact, workplace bullies often use cyberbullying to intimidate coworkers and control their environment. As a result, knowing how to respond is essential. While every situation is different, if you know in advance how to … Read more

Home for the Holidays: Tips for Overcoming Holiday Anxiety and Stress.

  Article written by R. Morgan Griffin and originally posted on WebMD. Controlling Holiday Stress Experts say that the holidays can make people feel out of control. We feel at the mercy of our relatives or steamrolled by the sheer force of family tradition. But you have a say. The key is to take some control … Read more

The Power of Silence

  Article written by Jim Fannin and originally posted on Huffington Post. Silence is powerful. It’s between the notes of some of the greatest songs ever recorded. We don’t always notice because multiple tracks of vocals, percussion, string and horns block it out. But silence is there. Without it, the recording would just be noise. … Read more

Why Becoming More Argumentative Will Make You Smarter

  Article written by Timandra Harkness and originally posted on BBC. I’m sure you’ll agree with me if I suggest human beings generally want to avoid conflict. “Most of the time we’re trying to get on with people,” says professor of conversation analysis at Loughborough University, Liz Stokoe. Even when we disagree, we try to signal that … Read more

8 Things Successful People Do When They Don’t Like Someone

  Article written by Lindsay Dodgson and originally posted on Business Insider Nordic. Unless you’re a genetic anomaly, it’s likely you will meet people you don’t like throughout your lifetime. Whether it’s your mother-in-law or one of your colleagues, you’re bound to come across someone you simply don’t click with. According to Deep Patel, author … Read more

Keeping Your Cool in Conversation: Attend to Your Internal Signals

Have you ever been in the trenches of a challenging and emotional conversation, where you find yourself fighting feelings of nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath or even numbness? Your heart begins to race, your throat constricts and the conversation seems to be moving so quickly you can’t even attend to these physiological changes. You say … Read more

Negotiating with an Attitude of Mutual Gain

Traditionally, many of us have learned that a good negotiation involves putting our needs and concerns at the forefront of the dialogue. If we come out ahead of the other party, the negotiation or resolution will have been a success. In essence, we engage in fighting and exhausting tactics so that we walk away with … Read more