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Managing Moments of Escalation: I Can’t Believe You Just Said That!

Picture It: In the midst of a rather tense and emotionally charged conversation, you make what you think is an appropriate comment defending your perspective. Your conversational partner distorts his face into a look of disbelieve, puffs up and points his finger at you. You don’t know what to say or do to keep the … Read more

When and How to Mediate Employee to Employee Conflict

Mature man handshaking with partner after striking a business dealPicture It

You lead a key department in your organization. You have two employees who are in conflict with each other. They are currently only communicating via email. There is a general tension in the department and other staff members are expressing concerns about the conflict. You have noticed that one of the disputing employees is taking more sick days than usual and you are hearing grumblings about a possible harassment complaint. You decide to step in and help both employees resolve their differences directly with each other…

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