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Negotiating with an Attitude of Mutual Gain

Traditionally, many of us have learned that a good negotiation involves putting our needs and concerns at the forefront of the dialogue. If we come out ahead of the other party, the negotiation or resolution will have been a success. In essence, we engage in fighting and exhausting tactics so that we walk away with … Read more

Five Easy Ways for Families to Hold Onto Their Summer Bliss

As long days become shorter and a cool breeze replaces the lazy heat, you might find yourself trying to hold onto the glow of summer while reluctantly moving towards the coolness of autumn. As is the case with most families with children, September brings with it a change in schedules, demands on time, drop offs … Read more

5 Ways to Manage Anxiety in Conflict: What our Clients Say and What it Tells Us

  “Can you close the blinds on the windows? I can’t handle the movement outside.” Anxiety increases our heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature. In turn, too much rapid movement around us can further induce anxiety by escalating the sympathetic nervous system response. This is why the majority of our mediations and coaching sessions … Read more

Six Easy Steps to Disengaging in Difficult Conversations

  It’s rarely easy to walk away from an interaction that is going sideways. Most of us want to get the conversation on the right track and yet we have to swallow our pride, walk away and try again later. Why Disengage When Fighting Feels so Right: There will be a price to pay for … Read more

The ‘F’ in Feedback: Fear, Flaw, Fragility

  There is apparently an art to giving feedback, and yet even the most suavely and courteously delivered feedback shatters the sturdiest of people. Plus, in many organizations, structured feedback is still a foreign concept. Organizations have allowed self-awareness and reflection to become buzz words that allow us to say we are all-knowing of our … Read more

7 tips to Speaking Effectively: Escaping the Collision!

  The conversation is getting heated. You can feel the pressure inside you building. You need to speak. How should you speak so you get heard with adding fuel to the flames? Try these 7 tips to speaking effectively in fiery conversations and see what happens! Slow yourself down and pause the voice inside your … Read more

7 Tips on Effective Questioning Strategies: At the Drop of a Question, the Conversation Changed


We ask questions all day long to collect information, to help us in our decision making, to deepen dialogue, to build rapport, and to create understanding. Knowing what question to ask and how best to ask it can be challenging.

Regardless of how you do it, the question will create a ripple effect in the conversation, leading either to large turbulent waves or calm ripples of clarity. If it’s the latter you are seeking then keep these tips in mind when asking questions.

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Managing Moments of Escalation: I Can’t Believe You Just Said That!

Picture It: In the midst of a rather tense and emotionally charged conversation, you make what you think is an appropriate comment defending your perspective. Your conversational partner distorts his face into a look of disbelieve, puffs up and points his finger at you. You don’t know what to say or do to keep the … Read more

When and How to Mediate Employee to Employee Conflict

Mature man handshaking with partner after striking a business dealPicture It

You lead a key department in your organization. You have two employees who are in conflict with each other. They are currently only communicating via email. There is a general tension in the department and other staff members are expressing concerns about the conflict. You have noticed that one of the disputing employees is taking more sick days than usual and you are hearing grumblings about a possible harassment complaint. You decide to step in and help both employees resolve their differences directly with each other…

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