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Secrets On How To Cool The Workplace Drama Queen

Lisa called me to get some advice about a colleague named Wendy whom she called a drama queen. (Both names are pseudonyms.) She started pointing out several exchanges and I asked her to just describe the last one. As Lisa described what happened, she became emotional and declared that the woman hates her and is … Read more

Conflict Resolution Strategies For Family Businesses

It is not simple to resolve conflict within businesses where people bring in different points of view, cultures and values. Resolving conflict within a family may be even more complex because the members have had a lifetime of interacting with one another and their differences may be deep rooted and may have defined their interactions … Read more

How to Talk About Conflicts in Canada

Each workplace has its own culture, and as a newcomer, it is useful to understand and have a perspective of the culture of the country you live in. Culture, in the context of this article, refers to shared patterns of behavior, beliefs, customs, traditions, and values. Culture affects the ways we name, frame, blame and attempt to … Read more

How to Manage Conflicts in Health Care Settings

Managing conflict is an unavoidable part of almost any career, and the distinctive nature of a health informaticist’s work can make conflicts more frequent and more essential to manage than those in many other fields. Conflicts in a healthcare setting can range from everyday disagreements to major controversies that can lead to litigation or, in rare cases, even violence. … Read more

Is Your Boss Blocking Your Career Advancement?

What do you do when the biggest obstacle to growth is your boss? This isn’t uncommon. Many success-minded professionals are challenged by a boss who is too controlling, limiting, clingy or even takes credit for your good work. So what do you do when your boss is blocking your career advancement? You’ve got to make … Read more

It’s Time to Start Talking About Menopause at Work!

Menopause is rarely a topic of open discussion in the workplace — despite the fact that nearly half of the world’s population experiences or will experience this biological transition, which marks the end of a woman’s menstrual cycle and fertility. According to a study from the Society for Endocrinology, a startling one in four women will … Read more

Healthy Relationships are Never Conflict Free: They are Conflict Resolving

Work relationships are never conflict free. Indeed, I would say that HEALTHY relationships are never conflict free BUT they are conflict resolving. Here are some practical insights for your workplace conflicts that ensure your relationship wins. The problem is, we fight for victories instead of fighting for solutions. The result is one wins, one loses, … Read more