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How to Navigate Difficult Conversations

We can’t avoid difficult conversations altogether, but we can navigate them more adeptly by learning to listen and communicate mindfully. The difference between ordinary conversations and challenging ones is a bit like the difference between canoeing on open water and running rapids. Both involve paddling with balance, but the stakes are much higher and the … Read more

Unconscious Bias: thinking without thinking

  Introduction An individual makes countless decisions in a day without even being aware of them. The solutions to various problems can be influenced by unconscious biases. It refers to a situation which we are unaware of and which happens beyond our control. Interestingly, it happens involuntarily and is triggered by our instinct. These instincts … Read more

The secret to conflict resolution

The task of resolving employee disputes often falls to HR. We talk to a conflict resolution expert about mistakes to avoid when resolving workplace confrontations How can HR can approach office confrontations without upsetting others or escalating an issue further? By avoiding making these common conflict resolution mistakes, according to corporate training facilitator Phil Schibeci. … Read more

Conflict resolution in the workplace at its finest

Learn what’s essential in resolving workplace conflict. In any organization, conflict is inevitable and should never be ignored. However, before taking any steps to resolve it, it’s essential to know its causes and effects first. What are the major causes of workplace conflict? Here are the things that trigger conflict among employees, according to the … Read more

Igniting Diversity and Inclusion with Equity

The terms diversity, equity and inclusion are often used interchangeably, however, they have distinct meanings and should be differentiated properly. Diversity topics continue to dominate the headlines, forcing companies to put a spotlight on their own organizational health. Social injustice and discrimination discussions that were once avoided in the workplace are now taking place both … Read more

Ways to Facilitate Effective Communication in the Workplace

Effective communication in the workplace is key to organizational success. Here are some ideas for keeping employees connected over time and distance. As the “new normal” transitions into the “next normal,” organizations must develop strategies for effective communication in the workplace that account for partial in-office returns and ensure remotely working employees don’t feel left … Read more

The Power Of Assertiveness And How It Can Change Your Life

For many people, the difference between being assertive and being aggressive is not the behavior itself, but the person doing it.  How we feel about that behavior is not always consistent. In many cases, our reactions are based on cultural stereotypes, and reflect unconscious — and, sometimes, not so unconscious — bias. Emilie Aries is the … Read more

How To Be More Assertive (Without Looking Like A Jerk)

Meredith loves her job. Sometimes, she has to work long hours during the week, but her company has a results-only policy where employees are allowed to work from home as long as their performance and productivity doesn’t falter. After working at the company for about a year, Meredith decided that she would like to work … Read more

Walking Through Conflict Between Employees

  Resolving conflicts between employees can be difficult — here are some tips to help get through these situations. If you manage people, you’re more than likely going to have to deal with a conflict between employees. While some conflicts work themselves out, others require you to step in, be the cool head in the … Read more