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School Districts

From resolving conflict in the business side to resolving conflict in classrooms, we support school districts across Canada to sustain healthy school communities. We work with you – union representatives, boards of trustees, instructional and non-instructional staff, administration teams, Parent Advisory Committees, and families and students – to navigate through change and conflict and create collaborative communities and relationships.

We provide conflict mediation services aimed at resolving various school issues. These include staff to staff conflict, administration and staff issues, conflict at the board level, family and school issues, leadership skill improvement, student to student conflict, etc.

In school districts conflict at any level impacts the well-being of children and therefore we work with each child in mind.

Our Process

  1. Gain an in-depth understanding of the situation.
  2. Recommend the best service for the situation.
  3. Implement the service.
  4. Measure success.
  5. Keep you informed and involved all the way through.

Our Conflict Mediation Services

  1. Situational Assessments
  2. Workplace Mediation
  3. Leadership Mentoring
  4. Group Facilitation
  5. Communication Coaching
  6. Conflict Resolution Training

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