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Our Focus

At Turning Point Resolutions we focus our conflict and change management services in three key areas.

Workplace Support:
Our workplace support services help organizations gain productivity, increase profits and save resources by improving relationships and managing interpersonal, structural and process related conflicts. We work with all sizes of organizations across sectors, in union-management arenas, and with organizations where conflict is deeply rooted, complex and multi-layered. We customize our services to fit your situation. Our experts have specialized backgrounds rich in effective leadership, organizational development and organizational conflict management.

We also offer a leadership support program offering specialized support to leaders.

School District Support:
Our school district support services assist to resolve conflicts from trustee boardrooms to employee staffrooms and children’s classrooms. We support you to manage change, resolve differences, and improve interactions so that the focus remains on children receiving a top notch education. Our services are customized with Collective Agreements, union and district protocols and grieveance processes in mind. Our school-focused experts have a wealth of expertise in education, a solid knowledge base of school operations, a fluency in working within the union management arena, and a balance of compassion, care and strategy.

Family Support:
Our family support services assist families in dealing with challenging and sometimes emotionally charged situations such as elder care, marital issues, infidelity, inheritance disputes, adult sibling issues, parenting, parent-teen conflicts and extended family issues. Our family support experts have specialized training in family dynamics, legal issues and conflict management in a family environment. Our team is also culturally diverse so we provide support that is culturally appropriate for our clients and always delivered with care and compassion. Our experts bring the knowledge and skill to guide you through challenging circumstances in an empathic, assertive, and timely manner.

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